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Sport for fitness
what do you think which sport is best option for the purpose of gaining fitness....??
share your opinion with me...
What sort of fitness are you after? Swimming is a good sport.
Depends what exactly you're after

Cardiovascular I'd say running, cycling (at a gear just too low for you to be comfortable with), swimming if done at a reasonable pace.
Musclebuilding I'd certainly say weightlifting, but cycling (in a gear just to high for you to be comfortable with) and rowing are also good.

That's why I pick cycling over other sports, I just find it a lot more versatile
[Image: Bulbasaur_by_bigsharn.jpg]
As you do...
I think soccer is best sport for maintaining fitness level high. It improves your stamina and gives strength to body. It reduces chances of injuries and burns fats of body quickly.
i play badminton and it helps me keep in shape. You can play any sports you enjoy to be honest as long as there is certain level of physical activity
I can recommend cycling
It worked to me

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