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Lvyuan 600W DC to AC inverter DX-GAX1500W for Solar Power & modifying plug sockets
A look at the Lvyuan 600W inverter.

Make: Lvyuan

Model: DX-GAX1500W

Power is rated at 600W continuous and 1500W peak.

Dimensions: 250mm x 102mm x 60mm

4x USB ports (5v 3.1Amp shared)

Built in cooling fan that is on all the time.

Frequency: 50HZ

It is a DC 12V to AC 220-240V inverter.

Waveform: MSW (Modified sine wave)

Warranty: 1 Year

Colour: Red

LED display that shows input & output voltage.

Efficiency: 90%

Input voltage range: 10.5V to 15V on a 12V DC system

Output: 230V

Low voltage alarm: 10.5V

Low voltage shut off: 10V

Over volt shut off: 15.5V

The idle draw is 0.5A / 6.5W (measured with a watt meter).

[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

Short circuit fuses built in with overload, short circuit, over temp and under / over voltage protection.

This inverter has 2x UK 3 pin plug sockets, one of the main attractions of this unit however you can not plug 2 things in next to each other!

Here are the sockets at stock setup, they are approx 42mm wide with only around 6mm spacing between the 2 sockets.

A normal UK plug is about 50mm wide.

Remove the top 2 black screws at either end of the inverter and the top casing cover will lift off. Be careful because the wires are attached.

Carefully unplug from the board: 2x socket cable, on / off switch cable and the USB panel cable.

Remove the 3x screws from the USB panel.

Unclip the 2x power sockets.

You can leave the on / off switch in the top cover.

On the left hand side socket put a piece of tape and there is already a small cut out for the socket clips, mark a line so that you are cutting away the excess down to the same level as that.

Cut the excess with a tool like a dremel so it end up like below.

From here flip the left socket 90 degrees clockwise so it is like below.

And the plugs now fit!

Plug everything back in carefully and re-attach the top cover.

Test the inverter still functions as expected.

[Image: IMG-7697.jpg]

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