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Yes, you read it right, there's an actual dish with this recipe, chicken stuffed in duck stuffed in a turkey... Some of us call it a 3-bird-roast (and there's one variation that's a five-bird-roast. plus sausage and bacon)

"Holy shit, does this really exist?"
See for yourself:

"It can't be good for you"
Well you won't eat one on your own... Even the Mark wouldn't manage one on his own, and he's the fattest lazy slob I know Smile

"Are you going to make one?"
I'll do my best... Definitely on the to do list this Christmas.. Those who read wikipedia will note that another name for this is Yorkshire Pie, so not only will Mark be allergic to it (scummy Lancashire lad) but most of the rest of you should be fine following the recipe Smile
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As you do...
Dude, any red blooded American male knows what Turducken is. Every "Thanksgiving" holiday that we have here, which is the last Thursday in November annually, American Football game watching is a tradition. So anyway there is a football analyst by the name of John Madden (think the EA sports game franchise) that would always award the MVP of the game he did announcing for a big fat-ass deep fried turducken and the dude would scarf it right there usually while an attractive big breasted sideline reporter interviews him on "How does it feel to be fucking awesome, and grubbing on that there meatfeast?" Ah yes, three birds in one. We (Americans) will find new ways to achieve success in excess, even after an acceptable level of excess is assumed to have been exceeded.
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Trolls are the last thing you need to be concerned with.

VCD Wrote:// Forever more, count and reply, bitch.
Even though a LONG time before you lot came up with Turducken, we Yorkshires were doing Yorkshire Christmas Pie, which is very similar (albeit with different birds)
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As you do...
In Yorkshire they used to and still very commonly use Pigeon as that "different bird".
Only in pidgeon pie... Most people over here eat Game pie which is pheasant, duck, goose, rabbit or any combination of the above (mostly all of the above)
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As you do...
It's like a freak show- that is yummy. Now if you can stuff some porkmeat in there also..
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That can be arranged...
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As you do...
Seems like a good recipe shared by you..!!
I have noted it and will going to try it this coming weekend..Hope it will be tasty to eat and I will share some recipes as well..!!
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