How to install Firefox web browser on Windows.


  • Open up your web browser and navigate to:
  • Click “Download Firefox” button.
  • Save the file, and remember where you saved it to.
  • Go to the directory where you saved the file.
  • Open the file and click Run.
  • You will be presented with an installation wizard, click next.
  • Choose “Custom” and click next.
  • You can change the default install directory if you want, but i recommend leaving it as it is.
  • Tick the options you want, then next.
  • Tick the box if you’d like to have Firefox as your default web browser.
  • Launch Firefox now, next.
  • Do you want to import data from Internet Explorer? (Optional)
  • Firefox will now open.
  • To open firefox in the future, it’ll be located in the start menu under the folder “Mozilla Firefox” and is called “Mozilla Firefox”.