Computer building basics – What does what

Basic list of components for a computer (and abbreviations): Motherboard (Mobo)This controls everything in your computer, including how well it overclocks, what parts it takes and needs, and some more complicated features we’ll get into later. Processor (CPU)One half of the brains of your computer: There are various sub-types of processor, but the easiest way […]


FREE must have Linux programs / software

As more and more people are moving over to Linux. All of the programs are 100% free. Most of them are also cross-platform, meaning that they’ll work under Windows and Linux. Office programsOpenOffice Text editorsgeditvinanoemacs GraphicalGIMPKrita Media playersVLC Audio editorsAudacity FTP clientsfilezilla Web browsersFirefoxGoogle Chrome MessengerkmessemeseneaMSN IRC clientsxchat Port scannersnmap Network toolsWiresharkettercapPackETH – ethernet packet […]


How to host your website for FREE with 000webhost

Although a little bit limited here are the features of the free web hosting package. Good enough for a starter website. 1 Website 300 MB Disk Space 3GB Bandwidth 1 FTP Account Cloudflare Protected Nameservers 99% Uptime Guarantee 1 Cronjob 1 MySQL Database However you do NOT get: Email Account Subdomains STEP ONE:Open your web […]